How to Find a Business Accountant for Your Startup

start up accountant

Your accountant can help you manage your finances to reach that goal. Issuing company credit cards can be a risky endeavor for a startup. With a constantly shifting financial position, it’s easy for team members to get carried away with company purchases whether it’s for equipment or business travel expenses. An accountant can help you develop best practices for managing company credit cards. Opening a bank account for your startup is fairly simple and takes just a few steps to set up.

This is designed to incentivize businesses to prioritize long term research and business growth even though a return on investment isn’t immediate or guaranteed. However, this doesn’t start up accountant mean you shouldn’t concern yourself with taxes. First of all, there are many other taxes – such as payroll tax, property tax, sales tax, and excise tax – to worry about.

Accounting Software for Startups

First and foremost, you will want an accountant experienced with startups. No other kind of business is guaranteed to be as tumultuous as a startup. An accountant should be familiar with the general level of risk startups take and be comfortable managing that risk. In some businesses, the bookkeeper sometimes also acts as an accountant. However, your mileage may vary with this approach as most people who are hired for bookkeeping positions do not have the qualifications to serve as an accountant.

start up accountant

An accountant will produce financial documents and set you up with accrual accounting which investors take more seriously when making a startup valuation. This method of accounting isn’t straightforward, especially when it comes to recurring payments like subscriptions and rent. A certified accountant will be able to manage your chart of accounts with accrual accounting to position your business in the best light for those investing or lending you money. Since accounting is critical to your business’s success, we don’t advise that you spend the minimum, but like many businesses starting out, budgets can be tight! Your search will primarily depend on your budget, the volume and type of transactions that need to be performed, and the bookkeeping methods already in place. You may narrow down your options by how the accountant would like to be paid (flat fee, percentage, by the hour), and if that’s something that is doable at the current stage of your business.

Customs & duties management

Additionally, the companies receive a $25,000 grant and the opportunity to showcase their solutions at AICPA Engage, the profession’s largest conference. In a recent LinkedIn Live, VP of Strategy and Innovation, Kacee Johnson, announced the participating members of the 2022 cohort. This select group of early-stage companies is developing a variety of solutions across audit, AI, risk reporting, education, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. More than just being good with the numbers, an accountant must also stick to best practices in their profession. In particular, you will want someone who is well versed in the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).


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